Totes for Tots and Teens (Project T3) Inc.

Project T3

Volunteers are vital to Project T3.  All help and support given to the Project is greatly appreciated!  

Ways to help:

  • When you shop on Amazon, please use our organization’s special link and we will receive .05% of the amount of your purchases.

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  • Do you have a Kroger Rewards Card? Login to your Kroger Rewards account and add          Totes for Tots and Teens, Inc. (#61508)

as your favorite organization. We will receive a portion of your sales every time you shop at Kroger and use your Rewards card!

  • Collect items needed to put in the overnight bags.  Items are listed in the brochure and newsletter or under the "Wish List" link above.  Please contact us first before starting this task.  At this time, we have more than we need of some items. 

  • Collect school supplies and backpacks before the next school year.  Items are listed on the School Supply List or under the "School Supplies Wish List" link above.  I would need these items before July to have them ready in August.

  • Purchase overnight bags and fill them with needed supplies for your county.  Overnight bags should be brand new or look brand new.  Most counties request 15 at a time.  There are five age groups (9-24 mo., 2-4 yrs., 5-7 yrs., 8-10 yrs., and 11 and up) and three gender groups (boy, girl and boy/girl - either one could use).  If you do one of each age and gender you will have 15.  To do 20 bags, simply add another boy/girl for each age.  All bags should be tagged with the age and gender.  Please call or email with questions or for help.  Please hold off on this task at this time as we have more than we need of some items.

  • Knit or crochet dish cloths.  We sell these for a suggested donation of $3.00 to raise money for the Project.  Dish cloths should be made from a thicker yarn and no smaller than 9x9.  These are very popular at the craft shows and festivals!  If you love to knit or crochet, this is the job for you!! 

  • Collect up old crayons that are no longer needed.  You can ask friends and family for their crayons they no longer use and see if your school will collect them at the end of the year.  If you would like to take it another step further, separate the crayons into the basic colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, brown, white and pink.  (It really doesn't matter if the violet red goes in purple or red, etc. - they all get stirred well before pouring).  Another step further is very time consuming, but also needed.  We take the wrappers off of the crayons.  This should be done after they are color sorted so the blues, blacks and purples can be separated - they all look the same without the wrapper!  Caution - No one with arthritis or lack of thumb strength should do this last task!

  • Sell Fun Crayons as a fundraiser.  We will give each participating member a "Crayon Menu" and several order forms.  Each participating member can then take orders for the crayons.  Fun Crayons are only $5 for a 15 count bag, so they sell fast!

  • Deliver overnight bags to the DCS offices.  This is not a job that is needed often, but when a county is needing more overnight bags, a volunteer is needed to pick the bags up in Batesville and drop them off at the requesting county's Dept. of Child Services.  A copy of complete directions and contact information is provided.  Usually there are 15-20 bags being delivered at a time.

  • To become a Project T3 board member or to volunteer on a continual basis, please see the calendar for meeting dates and times.   There are 6 scheduled meetings per year.  Meetings are for officers, board members, and volunteers to discuss the needs of the Project.